Healthy Way To Grab An Attractive Figure Without Losing Muscle Mass

Most people always fear that if they lose weight then they will also lose their muscle mass and also strength. But it is not true, people choose the wrong way to grab an attractive figure and face issues of loose skin and also gain weight after a few months of losing weight. Because they follow quick and easy methods like fasting, crash dieting, and over-exercising. Don’t worry here you will know how to lose stomach fat without losing muscle in a better way. 

Remember the most important point for weight loss

Metabolism plays a crucial role in the management of weight. If your metabolic rate is low then you burn calories at a lower rate than you should. But people don’t understand the science behind weight loss and fat loss and randomly follow any so-called fitness freaks on YouTube and TikTok and face issues in longer terms.

Here are the best methods you can follow to grab a perfect figure without affecting your health.

Understand Your Body’s Calorie Needs by Analyzing BMI

In the weight loss journey, some girls and boys make this big mistake: they switch their bodies directly from 2000 calories to 600 calories per day. This means they are starving and don’t eat the right food in the right quantity and also over-exercise and don’t take rest.

This is the blunder they do to their body. And they proudly say they are on a diet. My friend this is not a diet, you are giving punishment to your body.

Your body is smarter than you when you go to a starving body, understand that there is a great famine and shortage of food around, and to survive on other interior parts of the body takes energy from muscles and that’s why you lose muscles. 


You should respect your body’s needs and follow a healthy lifestyle.

Start to work on improving your metabolic rate

  1. You should first calculate the BMI from the Online BMI calculator
  2. Now you have a clear idea of your body’s calorie needs.
  3. Start counting your calories daily and take care to eat a balanced diet.
  4. Avoid starving and overexercising instead, you can do intermediate fasting and workout 3 days a week.
  5. Prefer to buy fresh vegetables and fruits from the market instead of buying frozen and canned food. 
  6. Avoid eating empty calorie foods and junk foods. 
  7. Take care of vitamins & minerals, you sound like you need to include them in your diet to boost the metabolic rate of the body.
  8. Don’t count weight daily or waist measurements because it will be demotivating. 
  9. Work on building muscles instead of losing weight. 
  10. Do bodyweight workouts and weight training exercises.
  11. Push your body limits by doing more reps and sets.
  12. Take proper rest and sleep for a minimum of 7-8 hours daily.

Wait for at least four weeks to see the results of your efforts. You should need to be consistent and motivated toward your fitness goals. Your constancy in choosing a healthy diet and doing regular workouts definitely gives results to you. Within 6 months you will grab the attractive figure you always wanted. So don’t be hurry and do not follow unhealthy methods to lose weight.

Wrap It Up

Now you have definitely understood how to lose stomach fat without losing muscle. The above short fitness guide has definitely helped you how your body works and what you should do in the right way to get a perfect body without losing muscle mass. 

Do regular exercise

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