Janet Montgomery Weight Loss: Transformation of Janet Montgomery

Janet Montgomery weight loss has shocked her fans and followers. She is an amazing English actress who is known for her unique acting skills. Her fans also admire Janet for her unique and beautiful body. People noticed Janet Montgomery’s weight loss in 2021, and now, in 2024, she looks more energetic and fresh than ever. She has adopted a more active and healthy lifestyle and is now a good inspiration for those who are struggling to lose weight. Let’s know how much weight Janet has lost naturally.

Who is Janet Montgomery?

Janet Montgomery Weight Loss
Janet Montgomery Weight Loss

If you love to watch TV series and movies, then you have surely seen Janet Montgomery in television series and movies. Janet is popular for her roles as Dr. Lauren Bloom in New Amsterdam and Olivia Maine in This is Us. She has won the hearts of millions of people with her role-playing and acting skills. Here, we have gathered all the facts about Janet Montgomery.

Full NameJanet Ruth Montgomery
DOBOctober 29, 1985
Age38 years old (2024)
Height1.68 m (5’6″)
Weight127lb (58kg)
Figure34-25-35 (hourglass)
HusbandJoe Fox
Children1 daughter (Sunday Juno Fox)
Net worth$5 Million
Social media PresenceInstagram(deleted)
IMDb ProfileJanet Montgomery
Janet Montgomery weight loss

Actress Janet Montgomery Weight Loss from 2021 to 2024

The actress Janet Montgomery was not overweight or a chubby girl. She was a physically fit woman, but people were confused after seeing her for a long time after a 1-year break due to her pregnancy. Yes, she has lost a few pounds after pregnancy by changing her lifestyle. She gave birth to her first child in 2019, and after that, she took a 1-year break from the industry to focus on motherhood responsibilities. In between, she also starts to work on her appearance and adapt to a healthy lifestyle.

In 2021, when she appeared in the third season of New Amsterdam, people noticed that she looked different and more appealing than ever. All due to her healthy weight loss. The New Amsterdam Janet Montgomery weight loss surprised her fans, some of her fans were also worried about her health, and a few were also curious about how she lost weight.

How Janet Montgomery start losing weight

Janet is always a fitness freak; she always cares about what she eats and what she does with her body. She lost around 10 to 20 pounds with her active lifestyle and self-care. Her weight was around 140 lbs before, and she came down to around 130 lbs within a year. While she struggles with post-pregnancy, she also focuses on eating healthy and chooses the best foods that help her lose belly fat fast. Janet has not openly spoken about her weight-loss routine in any interview. But she always focuses on living an active and healthy lifestyle.

Janet Montgomery Diet and Exercise

Most people are curious about what diet or exercise routine she follows to get back in shape. She does not follow any popular diet plan; Janet eats in calorie restriction mode (2000 calories a day), and she starts to enjoy more veggies and starts to drink more and more water throughout the day. She does bodyweight workouts such as jumping rope, squats, or pushups, and she also focuses on eating more protein-rich foods. All this helps her come back in shape quickly.

What anyone can learn from Janet Montgomery’s weight loss transformation;

  • A healthy lifestyle is the key to weight loss.
  • Protein-rich foods are essential for weight loss.
  • Drinking more water helps you lose weight.
  • Exercise keeps the body active.
  • Eat in calorie restriction mode.
  • Fruits and vegetables help fulfill micronutrient needs.
  • Weight loss is possible after pregnancy.

Janet Montgomery Before and After images 

Janet Montgomery Weight Loss
Janet Montgomery Weight Loss

See the Janet Montgomery before and after images to see the transformation. Now she looks younger and fresher in this picture. She has only reduced her weight by around 20 pounds from her previous weight. But she has lost fat and water weight and gained good muscle strength. That is the reason she is more energetic and appealing in this picture.

Wrap It Up

Janet Montgomery’s weight loss has impressed her fans. She has achieved healthy weight loss naturally with her consistent efforts and with her strong willpower. The real-life example of weight loss by Janet inspires you to stick to your fitness track; you will get results like her. Don’t lose hope; the good things take time, and you have to be patient.


How did Janet lose weight?

Janet Montgomery lost 10 to 20 pounds with her strong willpower and consistency. She has lost weight naturally by improving her lifestyle and food choices.

Who is Janet Montgomery’s Husband?

Joe Fox is the husband of Janet Montgomery, they were married in 2019.

Which foods are best for weight loss?

Foods that are low in calories and Low-glycemic index (GI) are good for weight loss

Do regular exercise

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