Jamal Mixon Weight Loss: Alan From the Parkers Losing Weight

Jamal mixon weight loss

Jamal Mixon weight loss transformation is inspiring for those who are struggling to get back in shape. Jamal and Jerod are two fat brothers who have been obese since childhood and are gaining lots of weight as they grow.  The Mixon brothers are known as fat twins in Hollywood. These two comedian actors are loved … Read more

Jerod Mixon Weight Loss: Big Tyme Start Getting in Shape

Jerod mixon weight loss

Jerod Mixon weight loss journey is a real inspiration for those who struggle with morphed obesity. He has lost a measurable pound in a year, and people have seen the changes in his weight. Jerod Mixon and his brother, Jamal Mixon, were big guys struggling with morbid obesity. In Hollywood, famous fat twins actors, play … Read more

Jordan Smith Weight Loss Rumors: Is He Really Losing Weight?

jordan smith weight loss

As for the rumors about Jordan smith weight loss, his fans and followers admire his confident appearance. It looks like he has lost a few pounds due to his confidence appeal in recent shows, but he has not lost any weight. Jordan Smith has recently improved his dressing style, which gives him a new appeal. … Read more


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