Does Masturbation Cause Weight Loss: Know The Truth

If you want to get a slim figure but have curiosity about does masturbation cause weight loss and want to know more in detail, then you must read this detailed post.

No, masturbation does not directly affect your weight loss, but masturbation does affect your body in both positive and negative ways. If you are in your teenage or younger years, this question definitely arises in your mind does masturbation cause weight loss or not? Fingering or beating your meat does not affect the weight directly.

However, some people feel that they are losing weight because of this small activity. It is because they ignore their food and suppress their appetite by only engaging in this weird activity. You should know how weight loss happens and why you should minimize this crazy habit. Let’s know in detail about more facts about masturbating.

How Weight Loss Happens

First, you need to understand how weight loss or weight gain happens. It depends on many factors, such as hormone levels, metabolism, and calorie intake. If anyone disbalances all these, the weight management system will also be affected.

All of these aspects are associated with one another.  But the most important thing that combines all these things is “calorie expenditure”. It means how many calories you are consuming and how many calories your body is burning.

Yes, masturbation releases stress-reducing hormones and gives you a stress-free feeling. But it doesn’t directly help in your weight loss or weight gain journey.

Does Masturbation Burn Calories

Now the question that surely comes to your mind is whether masturbation burns calories; if yes, then how many calories can one burn during masturbation? Yes, surely it burns calories, but it depends on the intensity of the masturbation and how much time you spend doing it. It helps activate your body and get you energized.

Approximately 4 calories are burned per minute. It burns very few calories, which is surely not enough to lose weight. Compared to being intimate with a partner, this physical activity only releases the essential liquid from your body.

Does Masturbation Cause Weight Loss in Female

does masturbation cause weight loss
does masturbation cause weight loss

We know that male and female bodies are different and have different needs. The hormones released in the body are different for both of them. However, there are no scientific studies that claim that masturbation causes weight loss in females.

Surely it is a fun-loving activity that everyone loves to do, but this is not a solution to burn lots of calories or suppress your appetite.

Yes, once a week is good, but when you make this a habit and do it 2 to 3 times every day, it can trouble your life as well as your health. So try to be within your limits and understand your body’s urges.

Can Masturbation Make You Thin?

does masturbation cause weight loss
does masturbation cause weight loss

This is also a great myth spread among people that it can make you thin. For all youngsters, when they do it regularly, their stamina, efficiency, creativity, and energy get reduced. This physical activity does not make you directly thin, but it reduces your stamina and strength.

It also reduces your concentration power, and you become lethargic if you do not eat a properly balanced diet.

Because you are draining some essential fluid from the body without any reason but for your own pleasure. The white liquid holds lots of nutrients, minerals, and vitality.

When you ejaculate, you release lots of stored energy in the body, which can be used by the body to protect your internal system.

Yes, once a week is okay, but don’t make it a habit. It could ruin your life. Yes, we live in a society where there is so much distraction and we can’t control ourselves. Most monks or spiritual people preserve their special fluid. It helps them on their spiritual path.

Does Masturbation Make You Physically Weaker?

does masturbation cause weight loss
does masturbation cause weight loss

Not directly, it makes you weaker, but when you engage in this activity regularly, it starts to hurt your entire system. You start to eat less, and your mind always thinks about weird thoughts. It starts to hamper your life and keep you away from your goals.

That is the reason so many rumors spread about our older generation about masturbation: that your eyesight can go away, your skin will get dry, hair loss, etc. That is the reason you need to avoid it in excess.

We are not saying that you should avoid this. We know we can’t; this is a natural process that the body needs, and we are also not like monks or saints who have full control over our urges and bodies.

We can just limit it. One time a week is enough to get the benefits of this process. Yes, it gives you some short-term benefits, meaning your stress level goes down quickly and you get a sound sleep after doing this at bedtime.

When you start to suppress the urge, you will feel the urges coming back stronger and can’t focus on day-to-day life, so it is better to jerk off once. And don’t think about it.

In some cases, boys and girls, especially teenagers, feel guilty after doing this. They have been taught that masturbating is wrong and that they should avoid it.

The best time to enjoy masturbation is during the bath and while sleeping. Don’t feel ashamed of it; you have not done anything wrong.

On social media now, lots of people are talking about the NoFap challenge, which is only for those who are unable to get rid of this habit. This means those who do it every day or alternative day, those who need to follow the NoFap challenge to limit this habit.

Some people think preserving the essential fluids could give them more energy, stamina, and focus. There is little scientific proof, but doing it once a week is okay.

How Much Protein Do You Lose in Masturbation?

The protein loss during masturbation is around 1 gram. But don’t think that you can replenish it with your diet; it takes time to build that vital energy.

As per the Ayurveda, it takes around 30 days to build up semen. To build up, you also need to eat healthy and balanced food and follow a good lifestyle.

Does Masturbation Affect Muscle Growth?

Yes, masturbation affects muscle growth when you do it regularly. To build up muscles, you need to do progressive overload and improve your day-to-day performance at the gym, but those who masturbate frequently can’t increase their performance at the gym.

It affects their natural energy and stamina. Some physician experts also claim that if someone retains ejaculation for at least one week, it improves their performance. That is the reason most professional bodybuilders, athletes, and sportspeople stay away for a few days from physical intimation or masturbation before competition.

Final Thoughts

Now, after reading the above details, you have surely cleared up your doubts about whether masturbation causes weight loss or not. Definitely not. To lose weight quickly, you need to burn maximum calories by improving your metabolism and choosing the right foods for you. Managing weight only depends on your calorie expenditure, and you need to manage the calories. Masturbation is a good practice, but when you make it a habit, it starts to disturb your life.

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