What Can I Put On My Stomach To Burn Fat: Crazy Ideas for a Slim Waistline

What can I put on my stomach to burn fat? This is a crazy question people ask their fitness trainer or search on the internet. This question has two perspectives: one is to put good foods in your stomach, and the other is to apply different things to your stomach. Here, we are talking about the second one. People are crazy; they do crazy things to burn their stubborn fat.

Some people put ice on their stomachs, some apply Vicks or Vaseline overnight, and some apply costly fat-burning creams and ointments. But the question is: does it work to burn belly fat? Let’s learn about stomach fat, how we grab it, and how it can burn.

Understand Stomach Fat

What can i put on my stomach to burn fat
What can I put on my stomach to burn fat

The stomach fat is most difficult to get rid of. Fat on the stomach is easily visible, and you can easily feel it by pinching your belly area. Most of the fat grabs on the midsection because lots of fat cells are active in the abdomen and belly area, and women also grab more fat on the thigh area.

But stomach fat has two types. One is visceral fat, and the other is subcutaneous fat that is visible and that we can pinch. There are many reasons behind the growth of stomach fat, such as hormonal changes, bad eating habits, bloating, an inactive lifestyle, or some medical conditions.

But the most notable kind of stomach fat is a bad eating habit. When we start to eat lots of calories beyond what the body needs, it starts to grab extra calories in the stomach area in the form of fat.

Sometimes bloating is also the reason for stomach fat; the water weight on the stomach makes it appear like you have belly fat. Compared to burning fat, it is easy and fast to lose water weight and make your stomach area more appealing.

That is the reason people apply versatile things to their stomach area to lose weight. Here we have discussed in detail what you can do to lose your stomach water weight overnight. 

What Can I Put On My Stomach To Burn Fat At Home?

What can i put on my stomach to burn fat
What can I put on my stomach to burn fat

If you are not overweight and only have saggy stomach issues, you must try these unique tips to get rid of a saggy stomach overnight. Remember, you can melt water weight, not stomach fat, overnight, and water weight comes back when you rehydrate your body.

So this is a good idea to prepare for a special day or event. This is not the permanent solution to getting rid of stomach fat; you need to adopt an active and healthy lifestyle to get a healthy and fit physique.

Messaging your stomach area is a good idea to target fat cells and clear out trapped excess water weight. You can also use body wrap to reduce water weight. After using oil and cream, you can wrap your stomach area with saran wrap or use shapewear.

It helps you to heat up the abdomen area and clear out the excess water weight, but be sure you drink enough water to hydrate yourself before trying these weird tricks. Here are some of the products used by social media influencers to reduce water weight and achieve a slim waistline overnight.

  • Vicks or Vaseline wrap
  • Icy hot gel
  • Ginger Oil
  • MCT Oil
  • DMSO
  • Coconut Oil
  • Ice packs

Let’s know in detail how all this helps you trim your stomach size overnight.

Vicks and Plastic Wrap for Belly Fat

Vicks Vaporub not only helps you get relief from colds and coughs but is also good for relieving muscle and joint pain. Vicks Vapor Rub contains eucalyptus oil, which helps treat loose skin.

To target loose skin on the stomach area, you need to apply Vicks to your abdomen area and massage it. After that, wrap it with some plastic wrap or wear your shapewear belt. Now do your workout or other work; wait for 1 hour. You will start to sweat more and feel a heating sensation around your stomach. It helps you immediately relieve a sagging stomach. Take a bath and wash your skin with soap and water.

Vaseline and Saran Wrap

People also use Vaseline body lotion to get rid of water weight. People apply Vaseline to their stomachs and wrap it with Saran wrap to produce heat and sweat. Yes, it helps in losing water weight instantly. Vaseline body lotion provides moisture to the skin and when we apply Saran wrap on it, it starts sweating.

Icy Hot and Saran Wrap

Icy hot ointment or gel is also used by people to reduce water weight. Icy Hot is a pain relief cream that is used by people for muscle and joint pain. The cooling sensation of the ointment helps to reduce swelling and inflammation. That is why people use it on their bodies to reduce water weight. You need to massage your stomach area with icy-hot gel and wrap it with saran wrap to generate heat and sweat. Wait for 1 hour and feel the cooling sensation of icy heat. Due to its burning effect, most people confuse whether an icy hot will burn belly fat. No,  it helps you reduce water weight.

Ginger Oil For Weight Loss

Eating ginger is a good way to boost your metabolism, but on social media, people claim that massaging with ginger oil helps them lose weight. Ginger oil helps to improve blood circulation and heat the area to generate more sweat. Massaging with ginger oil helps to reduce bloating and inflammation. If you have a saggy stomach, then you should try ginger oil to tighten your saggy stomach.

MCT Oil For Weight Loss

Including MCT oil in your diet is a good approach to increasing your energy expenditure and fat oxidation. You can massage with MCT oil; it opens up all the pores and improves blood circulation. Compared to other oils, MCT oils give a smooth experience of massaging and give you wonderful relaxation. You can put mCT oil in your stomach by including it in your diet and also massage it with it.

Coconut Oil For Weight Loss

Switching from soybean oil to coconut oil is a wonderful choice. Preparing your meal with coconut oil helps you feel fuller for longer and also does not make you feel heavy. Coconut oils hold different types of fatty acids, such as medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs), monounsaturated fats, polyunsaturated fats, caprylic acid, lauric acid, capric acid, etc. Like MCT oil, coconut oil is the best oil for weight loss. You can massage it or add it to your diet.

DMSO For Belly Fat 

DMSO gels and creams are also effective for getting a slim waistline. DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide) is a solvent compound that has healing properties. It is mostly used in medicine to treat arthritis, osteoarthritis, and bladder infections. People also use DMSO gel and creams to target their fat cells. You can also use DMSO but with precautions to avoid side effects. Don’t wrap your belly area after using DMSO; you should properly clean your skin before putting on DMSO gel. First, learn how to use DMSO for weight loss, then start using it because DMSO is solvent in nature.

What is The Fastest Way To Burn Belly Fat?

Above, we have discussed what crazy tricks people do to trim their belly size. But this trick gives you only short-term results. The fastest way to burn belly fat is to adapt to a healthy lifestyle. Yes, you need to put the best foods in your stomach to burn fat. After all, food plays a major role in weight management.

Don’t do crazy things like starving yourself, working out hard, or not eating anything. It will make you feel weak and tired. There is a great chance you will lose lots of muscle mass instead of fat. Muscle takes lots of time to build. So your focus should be to improve your metabolism level to burn fat naturally. You need to eat the right food in the right amount. 

What Burns the Most Stomach Fat?

Burning fat takes time. No cream or ointment quickly burns stomach fat. Of course, you can melt water weight overnight around your belly, but it will come back when you rehydrate yourself. These crazy tricks are not permanent solutions, but they are good to try for a special day or event. To burn stomach fat permanently, you need to adapt to an active lifestyle and choose the right foods that help you burn fat fast. 

Final Thoughts

After reading the above points, you will surely get clarity about what can be put on the stomach to burn fat. Applying any lotion or cream to your stomach does not help you burn fat. Simply oxidize your fat cells with a calorie-deficit diet and an active lifestyle. Always prefer to eat healthy and nutritious foods. Avoid sugar-rich and processed foods. Watch what you’re eating and what you are doing with your body.


How to get rid of belly fat quickly

To get rid of belly fat quickly, you need to adopt a healthy and active lifestyle. You can reduce your water weight, but you can’t burn belly fat overnight.

What causes belly fat in females

There are many reasons behind belly fat in females, but the most notable are hormonal changes, menopause, insulin resistance, stress, bad eating habits, and an inactive lifestyle.

What foods cause belly fat

Processed, oily, sugary, and starchy foods cause belly fat.

Do regular exercise

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