Sun Salutation for Weight Loss: Unique Benefits of It

Do you feel lethargic or have no energy in the morning? So you must start your day with a sun salutation. This is one of the best stretching workouts that fully activates all body parts. But some people are confused about whether sun salutation is good for weight loss or not. Let’s clear out your every doubt about sun salutation and its unique benefits.

Sun Salutation for Weight Loss: Can You Lose Weight Doing Sun Salutation?

Yes, definitely. Sun salutation helps with weight loss and works on every body part and mostly every muscle group. This is a combination of 12 yoga poses that you should complete in one rhythm (1 set). Some people like to do it slowly, and some like to do it very quickly.

It gives maximum benefits when anyone does it in sync with their breathing. Breathing plays a major role in this yoga workout. You should definitely learn how to do it effectively and enjoy its amazing benefits.

sun salutation for weight loss

Does Sun Salutation Reduce Belly Fat

Sun salutation is the best workout to target your belly fat. All 12 yoga poses engage every body part and help you achieve your dream physique. It totally exhausts your body when you do it effectively. When you do it regularly, you will definitely feel a new energy within you and stay more active all day.

Do Sun Salutations Burn Calories

Of course, you can burn almost 15 to 20 calories per set of sun salutations when you do it correctly and in good form. Yes, calorie-burning depends on the intensity of the sun’s salutation. But it also improves your Resting metabolic rate (RMR) and burns calories when you are at rest.

So don’t count the calories you burned through a sun salutation. You should know its unique and amazing health benefits that no other single workout gives.

Benefits of Sun Salutation For Weight Loss

The benefits of Sun salutation will definitely make you wonder why you should include this unique workout in your day. Some people assume that it is only a stretching workout, but it is not.

sun salutation for weight loss

Take a look at what you will get when you start doing Sun Salutation regularly.

  1. Help you to consume more oxygen fully.
  2. Improve lung health.
  3. Improve digestion
  4. Increase the energy level.
  5. Boost the immune system.
  6. Improve your flexibility.
  7. Improve your body posture.
  8. Enhance cardiovascular health
  9. Improve concentration
  10. The mind will be more focused.
  11. Improves your mood
  12. Improve your mental and physical strength.

Just try it yourself and see how effective this workout is for you. When one starts doing it regularly, he feels freshness in his health and remains alert and active. It stimulates your nervous system and keeps every part of the body active, which directly helps you stay in shape.

Most people find that the brain becomes sharper as regular sun salutation improves the body’s cognitive function. This is a complete-body workout that can be easily done by anyone of any age.

How Many Sun Salutations For Weight Loss

Now, after understanding how this unique yoga asana benefits you, you surely want to know how many sun salutations help you lose weight. So there’s no specific number, but first, you need to learn it perfectly to enjoy the benefits of sun salutation. Even when you do one set of sun salutations perfectly, you feel fresh.

But to lose weight fast, you can set a target of doing 108 sets of sun salutations that take around 30 minutes to 1 hour. You can burn around 500 to 1000 calories with 108 sets of sun salutations.

Start slowly and first learn it, and when your body adapts to it and you do it correctly, take the challenge of doing 108 sets of sun salutation for 30 days. Your body will transform, but be sure you also follow a healthy lifestyle and focus on a low-calorie diet

Wrap It Up

Sun salutation is one of the most effective yoga workouts that definitely helps people transform their body and mental health in a positive way. Doing sun salutation for weight loss is the best idea if you can’t go to the gym or are unable to do hardcore workouts. This total bodyweight workout has a positive impact on your life. You should start your day with this.

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