Best Foods To Eat To Get In Shape: A 6 Meal a Day Plan

The right food at the right time does all the magic. Are you curious about the best foods to eat to get in shape? Then there are all the answers for you.

If you are a fitness freak who wants to get in shape but, after doing regular workouts and eating fewer calories, is still waiting to see effective results, then you should reconsider your food choices. Food plays a significant role in shaping the body. If you are eating the wrong foods, your body will be unable to burn excess calories. 

So if you want to lose weight, you should start eating the right foods that will help you build a healthy body. Don’t worry, we will help you choose the best foods for weight loss. It’s time to invest in healthy foods.

First, we talk about what kind of food you need to avoid getting in shape.

Foods to Avoid When Getting in Shape

best foods to eat to get in shape
  • Lots of starchy carbohydrates: Instantly spike blood sugar.
  • Oily Foods – Unhealthy calories
  • Empty Calories – Nutrient deficiency 
  • Sugary Foods – Increase triglyceride levels
  • Salty Snacks -Water retained in the body
  • Refined Carbs – Overeating and Obesity

Cause of Your Unhealthy Weight Gain

  • Maybe you are not eating properly
  • Eating blank calories
  • Eating starch-rich foods

Unable to Control Food Craving

best foods to eat to get in shape

The craving for food is the main reason that stops you from getting in shape. You need to control your food cravings and save your body from empty calories. The best way to control cravings is to eat six meals a day. You need to eat more protein-rich foods, fiber-rich foods, healthy fats, and complex carbohydrates.

Let’s start to invest in healthy foods

best foods to eat to get in shape

You need to invest your time & energy to be healthy. A healthy physique is not just about looking good, it’s about feeling good. You need to pay attention to your food choices and avoid eating foods that will slow down your metabolism

Always eat fresh and healthy foods, and stay away from junk food. Sometimes the food craving makes it hard to lose weight. So it’s best to eat a 6-meal-a-day diet to boost your metabolism. Try to eat a 6-meal-a-day diet to boost your metabolism.

6 Meals a Day Plan: Best Foods To Eat To Get In Shape

best foods to eat to get in shape

Just add these foods to your diet and get in shape.

Pre-Workout Meal: Healthy Start of the Day

Early in the morning, you don’t need to eat heavy food before a workout. You just need an energy-boosting food that gives a push to your workout.  Don’t drink tea or coffee, start your day with a healthy drink, “water”, you can add flavored with lime juice and honey. 

best foods to eat to get in shape

Eat dry fruits, but you must soak them overnight to get the best benefit from them. The popular dry fruits for instant energy are raisins, almonds, figs, etc. Don’t eat much, just eat 4-5 Pieces. It will give you enough energy to work out efficiently.

Post-Workout Meal: To Refill the Muscle Glycogen Stores

best foods to eat to get in shape

The post-workout meal is necessary to refill muscle glycogen stores. In the morning, you can eat fruit salad or eat raw fruits like apples or bananas or a smoothie to get all the nutrient benefits.

If you do a workout in the evening then also don’t avoid your post-workout meal. Eat protein-rich food like eggs, chicken, fish, etc. If you are a vegan, then you can eat beans, tofu, oats, or cereals. But don’t overeat, stick to your calorie-restricted diet.

Protein-Rich Breakfast: Don’t Miss Protein

Breakfast is the most important part of your diet and you can’t skip it. Eat protein-rich food like peanut butter & brown bread, oats or Cereals, Eggs, etc. 

best foods to eat to get in shape

If you are a meat lover then you can add fish and meat for breakfast. Some people like to eat meat for lunch or dinner. You can try it if it suits you. The best time to eat breakfast is within two hours of waking up. At least you should get your breakfast before 9:30 to spike your metabolism early in the morning.

Try 11 am Diet: If Feels Food Craving

Some people’s bodies are trained to get hungry after eating their last meal for 2 to 3 hours. If you also crave food after 2 or 3 hours after breakfast, then you can try healthy snacks but with limited calories. Try a protein-rich bar, raw fruits, or juice, don’t eat food that makes you dizzy.

It is not necessary to eat before lunch, but if you do so, then you should try to eat something light like snacks like fruits or nuts.

Don’t Miss Lunch

Lunch also plays a great role in your health like breakfast. Lunch should be light and healthy. Some healthy foods for lunch are a chicken burrito bowl with rice and beans, vegetable sandwiches, summer rolls with peanut butter, etc. The best time to eat lunch is from the afternoon to 2 p.m. to boost your metabolism. 

In the whole world, every country has its own foods, you just need to choose one that must give you nutrient benefits. Make your lunch plate as per a balanced diet. Take care of protein, carbs, fat, and fiber. Don’t miss salad for lunch. Avoid or minimize oily or fry foods. Eat in your limited calories don’t overeat if you like the taste.

Evening Snacks: Feed Healthy Your Cravings

After 2 to 4 hours of eating lunch, you may get a craving for food. Eat roasted Nuts, popcorn, scrambled eggs, and whole-grain toast. You can also try a hot cup of herbal tea to fill your thirst.

Some people who love to drink coffee and tea, need to just limit their caffeine intake.

Light Dinner: Light Food Makes You Lighter

Dinner plays a major role in your fitness journey. Eat a light dinner with a low-calorie intake. Always eat dinner early. 

Most people make this blunder mistake, they follow a restricted diet the whole day but eat high-calorie dinner that affects their metabolism.

You can start your dinner with a bowl of vegetable soup. Don’t forget to eat salad. Avoid oily, sugary, or carb-rich food at dinner. Don’t eat too much at dinner because you can’t burn it off. 

Light dinner has multiple benefits such as you can sleep well. You feel less hungry, and your metabolism remains high. Your body needs less energy to digest light food and improve digestion which helps you cleanse your stomach the next morning. 

If you follow 6 meals a day then in few days you will feel less craving for food. Just focus on a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Final Thought

To get in shape, you need to improve your diet and start to invest in healthy foods. Don’t compromise with food, food plays a major role in shaping your body. Always prefer to eat fresh food instead of processed food. Add more fruits and vegetables to your diet and stay healthy and fit. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and stay away from unwanted health issues.

Do regular exercise

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