Do Russian Twists Burn Belly Fat: Clear Your Doubt

No doubt, Russian twists are the most effective workout to strengthen your abdominal muscles. But some people have questions about do russian twists burn belly fat or only strengthen the muscles. Don’t worry; here you will clear out every doubt about the Russian twist and amazing benefits of this unique workout.

Do Russian Twists Burn Belly Fat? Effectiveness of Ab Workouts

Only doing Russian twists does not burn belly fat; you also need to improve your diet and include more calorie-burning workouts to burn belly fat fast. Don’t think that only doing Russian twists helps to slim your stomach. Only doing ab workouts does not help you get back in shape. Yes, Russian twists can help you burn belly fat when you are totally serious about your food choices and active lifestyle.

Do Russian Twists Burn Belly Fat
Do Russian Twists Burn Belly Fat

If you are going to try a Russian twist, you must know its amazing benefits and how to do it perfectly.

Benefits of Russian Twists

Russian twists not only help you develop abs but also strengthen your core. You definitely need to know how Russian twists can transform your physique. Take a look at the benefits you can get from doing the Russian twist regularly.

Benefits of doing the Russian twist regularly

  1. Strengthen Your Core: Get a Strong Core

The first benefit you get is that your core gets stronger. A strong core improves body posture, which helps to achieve perfect balance and coordination. It rotates your torso, which targets the oblique and core muscles. You should rotate slowly and don’t rush.

  1. Improve balance and flexibility

When your core gets stronger, your overall balance and flexibility improve. It helps you prevent issues such as back pain or arthritis. You get more active and do all the regular work efficiently and quickly.

  1. Burns fat cells

Yes, it’s true that you also burn fat when you do Russian twists on a regular basis. But when you do Russian twists, you also need to focus on your diet and go on a restricted-calorie diet plan to burn fat cells. The Russian twist burns more calories than other bodyweight ab workouts. You feel exhausted after doing this workout perfectly for 10 minutes.

  1. Remove love handles and shape the waistline

The love handles are the most difficult to burn off. Most people do side stretching to reduce the love handles, but this helps to develop more muscle mass around that area. That makes it more bulky. So you should try Russian twists that give perfect shape to your stomach area.

  1. Improve your body posture

The Russian twist targets the oblique, core, and spine, making it a complete core workout. It helps you improve your body posture and makes your physique more appealing. Regular practice strengthens your midsection, but you need to do it slowly to feel the muscle contractions.

Do Russian Twists Slim Your Waist?

Definitely, Russian twists can transform your figure, but you also need to take care of your diet plan. Where Russian twists work on the muscles of the abdominal area, your calorie-restricted diet targets burning off the fat cells.

Correct Way to Do Russian Twists

The mistake most beginners make is that they twist very quickly, which does not engage and is not effective on abdominal muscles.

  1. First, lay on the mat on your back.
  2. Lift the legs a little bit from the floor. It engages the lower ab muscles.
  3. Lift your upper body and make a V shape.
  4. Grab a ball or dumbbell in your hand.
  5. The core must be straight.
  6. Now start to twist left to right and right to left. Be sure your abs are also twisting.
  7. Feel the engagement in the obliques.
  8. Initially, do at least 20 (10 on each side).
Do Russian Twists Burn Belly Fat

This looks simple but is most effective on the abs. On the first day, when you do it the right way, you feel a little pain on the oblique, which means your workout is effective. When you do it regularly, it helps shape your waistline. It helps to tighten your midsection.

How many Russian twists should I do to lose weight

The benefits of Russian twists will surely help you understand how important Russian twists are for core strength and love handles. You should definitely enjoy the benefits of this wonderful core workout. But if you want to lose weight, surely a question arises in your mind: How many Russian twists are enough to lose weight?

You should understand that there is no exact number that works for everyone. We all know that each body reacts differently when it comes to weight loss. Anyhow, you can start with 20 Russian twists daily and improve as per your capacity. Only depending on this single workout is not enough. You need to include other calorie-burning workouts in your session to get the maximum benefits of the workouts.

Calorie-Burning Bodyweight Workouts

  1. Jumping Jacks
  2. Squat
  3. Burpee
  4. Mountain climbers
  5. Sprinters

All these HIIT workouts help you burn the maximum calories and shed lots of weight. Do this workout for at least 20 minutes daily to improve your physique.

What happens if I do 100 Russian twists a day?

You can also take the 100 Russian twists challenge and do it for at least 15 days. If you are not obese or overweight but are a skinny person, then it will start to show your abs and oblique muscles and totally transform your physique, but in one condition, you should do it in the right way. 

The first 3 days will definitely hurt your oblique and core muscles, but you should also need to take proper rest to do your best the next day. When you start to gain strength and stamina, you can easily do 100 Russian twists with proper form.

First, you need to learn how to do Russian twists correctly. After that, you need to increase the number. Don’t get in a rush to complete the challenge. In 10 to 12 days, you will feel tightness in the midsection and a flat stomach. But if you are obese, you must do it for more days to see the changes.

Wrap It Up

Now that you understand the benefits of Russian twists, you need to include them in your regular workout session. Russian twists help bring you the physique that you’ve always wanted. It strengthens the core area and also burns out fat, but you also need to focus on a healthy diet and an active lifestyle. Only doing ab workouts does not help you get a flat tummy; you need to work on your metabolism to bring about the changes you want.


Do Russian twists burn hip fat?

Not directly, but it helps shape hips when you do it in a proper way.

Do Russian twists burn belly fat?

The Russian twist does not directly burn belly fat; it strengthens the core muscles, and when you are calorie deficient, it also shows your abs.

Are Russian twists good for an hourglass figure?

Yes, Russian twists are good for hourglass figures. It helps cinch the waistline and makes your midsection more appealing.

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