How to Speed Up Metabolism Naturally: Know Everything

Are you worried about your weight? And also curious about how to speed up metabolism naturally.

Many people are concerned about the health of their body shape and are willing to do anything to get in shape. Most of us know that our overall health depends on the health of our metabolism, but don’t know what exactly it is and how to improve it.

There’s no magic pill to improve your metabolism, but there are some ways to boost your metabolism naturally. Let’s understand the scientific reason behind metabolism, how it works, and how to increase metabolism naturally.

What is Metabolism?

First of all, we have to understand what metabolism is. Metabolism is a process in all living beings to convert food & drink into energy. It is a chemical reaction that occurs in each cell of the body to sustain life. We calculate in BMR.

What is BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate)

How to Speed Up Metabolism Naturally
How to Speed Up Metabolism Naturally

A basal metabolic rate is the minimum number of calories required by the body for all the basic functions at rest. If you want to be fit then you should need to know your BMR. BMR may be slowed down by the effects of many factors such as body mass, size, age, diet, and others. To stay in shape you have to work on your metabolism.

How do I understand whether my metabolism is slow or normal?

If you have gained weight, have difficulty losing weight, feel weak and tired, are constipated, have dry skin, or have thin hair, these are signs of slow metabolism. It’s time to work on the metabolism.

How To Speed Up Metabolism Naturally

Speeding up metabolism naturally takes time and effort. To get an overall healthy physique, you have to improve your lifestyle and diet. Let us understand how to increase metabolism rate permanently.

Watch Your Diet – To Speed Up Your Metabolism Naturally

How to Speed Up Metabolism Naturally
How to Speed Up Metabolism Naturally

The kind of food you eat affects your metabolism. You are surely eating an unbalanced diet, skipping your meals, or consuming fewer calories. Make sure you eat all meals on time and increase protein to strengthen your muscles to burn calories naturally.

What to eat to boost metabolism

Including protein-rich food, spicy food(especially green chilly), coffee or black tea ( caffeine), ginger helps to speed up your metabolism. Maintain a balanced diet and take care of all the nutrients & minerals by adding fresh vegetables & fruits to your diet.

“Don’t skip your meals, especially breakfast”

Is green tea really effective in boosting metabolism?

how to speed up metabolism naturally
how to speed up metabolism naturally

Yes, green tea has a special type of antioxidant called catechin that breaks down extra fat and caffeine to increase the energy in the body. It increases antioxidants in the body. But it is not magic, it takes time for the body to adapt to the changes. Don’t only rely on green tea, you have to be strict about your balanced diet.

Stay Hydrated Throughout The Day – Speed Up Metabolism

Just drink water. It not only hydrates your body but also improves your body functions.

Try to Avoid sugary drinks like coke, sodas, or any kind of sugary drink. Water fills you up and restricts your stomach from eating more

how to speed up metabolism naturally
how to speed up metabolism naturally

Don’t forget or skip the water, try to take a bottle with you while you are working, studying, or going outside.

Water has no calories so it is the perfect drink in your weight loss journey.

Water balances your chemical reactions or harmons in the body and improves metabolism so don’t forget to drink water.

Strength Your Muscle – Do Regular Exercise

Muscle mass and metabolism are very closely related. More muscle mass means better metabolism.

Do resistance exercises and build more muscle to boost metabolism. Having good muscles helps you burn calories even while you sleep. Muscle requires more calories than fat, which is why those who have enough muscle mass are more energetic and have better metabolism.

how to speed up metabolism naturally
how to speed up metabolism naturally

Start your workout, feel the changes, and add weight training to your workouts to strengthen your muscles.

If you do not like the gym then do a workout at your home. Start with bodyweight exercises like push-ups, pull-ups, and squats. Don’t forget to warm up before exercise.

If there is a park or jogging track near you, go there and run and exercise in the fresh air. Intake more oxygen and feel the difference.

Walk or Stand up more 

how to speed up metabolism naturally
how to speed up metabolism naturally

If you do a desk job or sit for long hours then you need to take breaks in between. Sitting for long periods of time has a negative effect on your metabolism. Your body goes into a rest zone and burns fewer calories than normal.

Always keep in mind that you do not sit on the chair for more than 1 hour. Take breaks from sitting for long periods of time and stand more to burn calories. Avoid the elevator and use the stairs to burn calories.

Don’t make your body comfortable, it reduces its working efficiency.

Good Night Sleep

A night of good quality sleep not only improves your moods but also boosts your metabolism. Lack of sleep attracts a lot of health troubles and negatively affects metabolism. 

how to speed up metabolism naturally
how to speed up metabolism naturally

A sound sleep heals your body and maintains hormonal balance to smooth all body functions. As per experts, an adult should get at least 6 hours of good sleep to stay healthy. Lack of sleep affects insulin resistance and can result in increased craving or hunger and weight gain in the form of fat.

Make sure you sleep on time and have a good sleep. Always go to sleep on time and stay away from any kind of gadget or smartphone before 1 hour of sleep.

Don’t sleep in the afternoon to get a good night’s sleep. Use your bedroom only for sleeping, don’t make it your workplace or dining room.

Turn off the lights, darkness helps your brain to understand its sleep time and release melatonin hormone to get good sleep. If you’re afraid of the dark, add dim lighting.

Wrap It Up

Therefore, to boost your metabolism, you need to pay attention to your diet and lifestyle. A healthy diet and regular exercise definitely give a better metabolism and burn calories naturally. Increase your muscle mass, protein-rich diet, and physical activity speed up your metabolism. So be active and don’t make your body comfortable or lazy.


What foods boost your metabolism permanently?

Some of the best foods to boost metabolism naturally and permanently are protein-rich foods, coffee, green tea, ginger, chili, etc. which you should include in your diet to speed up your metabolism.

Is it possible to speed up your metabolism?

Yes, one can speed up their metabolic rate by including metabolism-boosting foods in their diet and with regular workouts.

Is there a pill to boost metabolism?

There are many metabolism pills available in the market but before taking any one you must consult your doctor.

How do I reset my metabolism to lose weight?

By making your day more active and including foods that boost metabolism.

Do regular exercise

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