Do Mass Gainer Increase Belly Fat – What’s The Truth

If you are a skinny or underweight person who wants to try a mass gainer to increase weight but has doubts about whether do mass gainer increases belly fat or makes you fat then you should definitely need to read this detailed blog post to find out if a mass gainer really increases belly fat or it is a myth.

Desire For a Toned Body 

Do mass gainer increase belly fat
Do mass gainer increase belly fat

A toned and curvy body attracts everyone. If you also have a desire to get a toned body shape, then it is a good idea. You need to work hard to get your desired physique, and if you are a skinny or thin person, then mass gainers will definitely help you fulfill your daily calorie requirement and help you get shapely.

But in the market, there are many misconceptions spread about mass gainers, such as that they make you fat and plump. You need to consume it accordingly and choose a high-quality mass-gainer. Don’t worry; in this detailed article, you will get all the answers to your question about mass gainers.

Popularity of Mass Gainers in Bodybuilding

Do mass gainer increase belly fat
Do mass gainer increase belly fat

Mass Gainer is a wonderful dietary supplement that helps people fulfill their maintenance calories with a few scoops a day. Of course, they also need to eat food, but sometimes we can’t take full nutrients and calories from the food or can’t eat much more so it is a good idea to drink more calories in the form of a mass gainer.

Mass gainer, Yes, it works as per its name. It definitely helps people gain weight, but it doesn’t mean you gain muscle mass; you also gain fat, so you need to consume it properly as per your diet.

Is Mass Gainers a Good Option to Gain Weight

For those who are very thin and can’t consume enough calories from their diet, it is a good option. Yes, many people gain weight with surplus-calorie powder. If you want to put on some weight, then a weight-gainer is a good idea. But if you want a healthy physique with lean muscle mass, then you need to think twice before using any mass gainer. It is not a complete protein supplement; it is a calorie bomb that helps people fulfill their calorie intake with a quick method.

What Points You Need to Consider While Consuming Mass Gainer

  1. Start with small scoops, ½ to ¼ scoops.
  2. Only focus on grabbing 500 to 800 calories from mass gain powder.
  3. If you gain weight, don’t stop immediately; replenish the calories with food.
  4. Don’t only depend on mass gainers to get energy.

Always prefer high-quality mass-gainers that have a minimum sugar content. If you consume it wrongly, then there are great chances you will gain unhealthy weight.

Does Mass Gainer Increase Belly Fat

Do mass gainer increase belly fat
Do mass gainer increase belly fat

Yes, it does; after all, mass gainers are calorie bombs when you start to consume a large scoop in one sitting. It instantly boosts your sugar level, and if you don’t burn extra calories on time and don’t work on big muscle parts, then there are great chances the extra calories you put in your body will convert to fat.

Most bulk gainers contain a low amount of protein and a lot of processed carbohydrates and sugar. So you need to choose your mass-gainer carefully. Always see the label and check reviews before consuming it. To not gain fat, you need to consume it smartly and also make your day more active. It also causes water retention due to the presence of lots of creatine and sodium. That is the reason some people’s faces look fluffy after using it.

Muscle Gain vs. Fat Gain

You need to understand the difference between muscle gain and fat gain. When you gain fat, you can notice the softness by pinching on specific body parts, and when you grab muscles, you can notice weight gain but not waist gain. Feels stronger and more energetic while gaining muscle mass.

Muscle gains take time and require progressive overload with heavy weights. You need to train your muscles consistently to gain lean muscle mass.

And when you consume lots of calories but don’t burn them on time, fat gain happens. So don’t miss your workout session and only consume 1 single scoop of mass gainer in a day to avoid fat gain issues.

How To Use Mass Gainer Effectively

So what’s the smart strategy to use mass gainers and not gain fat? Here is the best way to consume mass goods smartly:

  1. 1 scoop per day is enough.
  2. Work out daily and work on your muscle strength.
  3. Enjoy Mass Gainer with your favorite shakes.
  4. Consume it 30 minutes before or after a workout.
  5. Make it tastier and more nutritious with fruit smoothies or oats.
  6. Consume enough water and hydrate yourself.

How To Choose The Right Mass Gainer

Now you know that mass gainers are for those who struggle to consume enough calories in a day to build muscle.

Yes, mass gainers are an easy way to consume lots of calories without worrying about cooking, eating, chewing, or cleaning. Just simply mix one scoop of mass gainer with your favorite smoothies or simple water and grab high calories within a few seconds. That is why it spikes insulin levels instantly and should be avoided by diabetics and those who struggle with cardiovascular disease.

Here are a few points that will help you analyze how to choose the best mass gainer to gain a healthy weight.

In the dietary supplement market, there are many mass gainers available that hold the ratio of protein and carbs from 1:3 to 1:5, which means one scoop of mass gainer can contain three to five times more processed carbs compared to protein. This ratio helps you analyze if it is really a mass gainer or a weight gainer.

  1. See the nutrient label carefully.
  2. See how much protein you can grab in a single scoop; a minimum of 15 g per scoop is good.
  3. source of protein; whey protein is best.
  4. See the source of carbs; avoid dextrose and lots of sugar and starch. The best are complex carb sources such as oats, sweet potato powder, and quinoa powder.
  5. See how much sugar it holds; the maximum means it can make you fat.
  6. It should hold digestive enzymes for better digestion.
  7. See also the composition of multivitamins.

Some common side effects of mass gainers that people face

  • Unhealthy weight gain
  • Dehydration issues
  • Digestion trouble
  • Insulin resistance
  • The strain on the kidney

These all issues occur when anyone uses mass gainer in the wrong way and does not pay attention to a healthy balanced diet and does not workout regularly. With consuming mass gainer you should also need to see your diet, after all, diet plays a major role in bodybuilding. 

Benefits of Eating Whole Food

Whole food means natural foods, not dietary supplements. Whole foods give you all the natural nutrients, fiber, and vitamins that your body needs. No supplement can replenish the value of food.

Try to consume more calories through healthy meals. Here are some high-calorie, healthy meals for weight gain that you can add to your daily diet.

  1. Dairy milk
  2. Banana shake with chocolate and peanut butter
  3. Eat rice
  4. Potatoes 
  5. Red meat
  6. Salmon fish
  7. Whole grain bread

How to Increase Appetite Naturally

Poor appetite is the main reason people try mass gainers to increase their weight. If you also have poor appetite issues, then you must focus on a healthy and active lifestyle to increase your hunger.

  1. Sleep on time.
  2. Wake up on time.
  3. Workout regularly.
  4. Minimize caffeinated drinks such as coffee and tea.
  5. To stay hydrated, sip lots of water throughout the day.
  6. Don’t miss breakfast.
  7. Always eat your meal on time.
  8. Don’t eat empty calories.
  9. Stay stress-free and enjoy every meal.

These are a few tips that will help you increase your hunger and gain healthy weight.

Wrap It Up

Mass gainers are good for those who are really thin and skinny but can’t consume more calories through food. The above points have surely cleared your doubts about whether mass-gainers increase belly fat. Yes, it does when you use it carelessly and do not focus on a healthy diet and regular workout. So always consult with your physician before taking any dietary supplement to reap all the benefits.


Does mass gainer help in fat loss?

No mass gainer is used for calorie surplus. It contains lots of calories that are not good for fat loss.

Is it OK to drink mass gainer everyday?

Yes, it is ok to consume one scoop of mass gainer everyday to gain weight.

Does mass gainer increase metabolism?

No, it does not directly increase metabolism and is not a metabolism booster supplement. It holds all the nutrients and vitamins and a little amount of protein that help fulfill the body’s daily calorie requirements.

How does mass gainer affect your body?

Mass gainers hold lots of calories that instantly spike sugar levels and give instant energy. It helps people gain weight quickly due to their surplus calorie intake.

Do regular exercise

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