Is Eating Sugar Bad For Weight Loss: Know Everything

Do you want to lose weight but are confused about “Is eating sugar bad for weight loss?” Don’t worry; here you will get all the answers.

If you are also looking for weight loss tips then you have also heard that you should quit sugar to get back into shape. Generally, people misunderstand sugar and think it is really bad and causes weight gain. In some terms it is true, but not completely.

Is Eating Sugar Bad For Weight Loss

Sugar does not directly cause weight gain or make you obese. But when you eat lots of sugar, it starts to affect your health. Sugar is not only what we see in white crystals; even sugar (glucose) is found in every meal. But the white sugar we use, that is, processed food, is totally empty calories, which immediately spike the sugar level and give instant energy. But when anyone starts to eat lots of sugar or drink sugar-rich drinks, the empty calories start to disturb the internal system and start to slow down the metabolism. And we start to gain unhealthy weight in terms of fat and water weight.

Let’s know how sugar affects your health and why people switch toward artificial sweeteners.

Sugar Holds Empty Calories – Bring Fat to You

Sugar and artifical sweetners
Is Eating Sugar Bad For Weight Loss

Yes, sugar has no nutritional value but is good for getting instant energy. That is why sugar is used in Coke and energy drinks. It boosts your energy instantly and you feel more active. About 100 grams of sugar contains almost 380 empty calories, which is approximately equal to a one-time meal and of course no nutritional value in it. And you need to work hard to burn those empty calories.

We know no one directly consumes 100 grams of sugar, but most of our meals are filled with added sugar that restricts us from getting in shapeSo you need to adapt healthy meals that are not rich in processed sugar.

Sugar Restricts You to Consume Healthy Meals

Is Eating Sugar Bad For Weight Loss
Is Eating Sugar Bad For Weight Loss

The most amazing thing about sugar, it is addictive to your taste buds. It enhances the flavor of food and you eat more and more. That is why you consume more calories which causes you to gain weight.

Tasty foods like cakes, donuts, pastries, brownies, ice cream, candy, etc are rich in sugar that not only fills up your stomach but creates a craving to eat more. All this makes you feel heavy and restricts you from consuming healthy meals. So always eat limited sugary foods. 

An Alternative to Sugar – Artificial Sweeteners

Is Eating Sugar Bad For Weight Loss
Is Eating Sugar Bad For Weight Loss

Now due to zero calories sweet options, artificial sweeteners are becoming an alternative option for health-conscious people. But people also face health issues by consuming artificial sweeteners daily, some of the common troubles are gut issues and weight gain. So you should also consume artificial sweeteners in the limit to enjoy the sweet flavor.

Sugar Should Be Within The Limit

Is Eating Sugar Bad For Weight Loss
Is Eating Sugar Bad For Weight Loss

Processed sugar does not directly affect weight gain. But regular consumption of high sugar can cause health issues and increase your fat weight. It is very difficult to eradicate sugar from our lives but we can consume it to limit or adopt other natural alternatives like honey, stevia, molasses, or monk fruit sweetener.

What Happens If You Directly Stop Eating Sugar

Is Eating Sugar Bad For Weight Loss
Is Eating Sugar Bad For Weight Loss

If you are planning to stop eating sugar, you may get troubles like Headaches, Nausea, Bad breath, Dizziness, Mood swings, etc., so you should add a healthy and balanced diet and add fruits to enjoy the sweetness of the food. Add natural sweeteners to your meal such as fruits, honey, jaggery, and coconut sugar. 

Final Thoughts

Sugar is not really bad for your health but you should consume it within the limit. Sugar holds a lot of empty calories which is why it is considered as bad for health and causes obesity. It is challenging to eradicate sugar from our lives but you can switch to alternatives or minimize consumption. 


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