How To Get Back In Shape: Grab Your Dream Physique

Are you fed up with your overweight size figure and looking for how to get back in shape? Don’t worry here you will grab the best and most authentic information about healthy ways to grab an attractive figure.  If you want to get back in shape forever, you must follow these fantastic tips to lose weight quickly and naturally. 

Most people blindly follow any advice and face issues after some time, if you are also searching on the net for how to get in shape quickly, then here you will get a scientific and healthy way to start getting in shape.

how to get back in shape
how to get back in shape



We all read and listen to different ways to lose weight quickly like fasting, running, using a fat burner, and many more tips from our surroundings but don’t know the exact and scientific and safe solution to lose weight naturally. Let’s know in brief, How our system works and the best way to get in shape.

The Main Cause Of Fat Gain & How To Get Back In Shape


Generally, our lifestyle and bad eating habits create this type of problem. You have to focus on a balanced diet to get in shape. Metabolism plays a major role in our weight management. It balances hormones that affect weight gain in the body.

how to get back in shape
how to get back in shape



It would help if you focused on nutrients and calories to get back in perfect shape. BMI (body mass index) will help you to analyze, How many pounds extra you have.  Generally, a healthy weight depends 80 percent on a healthy diet and 20 percent on physical activities. If you want to lose weight fast then you should focus on your diet rather than exercise. Exercise also plays a major role in weight loss, but for a healthy body, you need to focus on a good diet chart.

Why Diet Plays A Major Role In Getting Back In Shape

how to get back in shape
how to get back in shape

A popular old saying is What you eat reflects in your body so choose wisely, which foods are beneficial for your body and what time is best to eat them. Yes, timing matters. You should avoid eating late at night, fruits at night, late eating habits, and overeating.


If you are thinking, I will eat everything and burn calories in the gym. Yes, you can do it, but it is not practical. It can affect your exercise performance if you don’t focus on a balanced diet and eat everything in unlimited amounts. 

Just count your calories and maintain a balanced diet. Boost your metabolism with healthy eating & regular exercise. Healthy eating affects overall health, Healthy eating improves your mood, smooths your body function and you feel good internally. 

How Many Calories Does Our Body Need to Lose Weight?

how to get back in shape
how to get back in shape

It depends on the body to body and the lifestyle of an individual. Just calculate your BMR( Basal metabolic rate) and analyze, How many calories you need per day as per your body weight & Age, and height.

Avoid high-calorie food & empty calories. Calories are a major part of your fat-loss journey. 

What Are Empty Calories Examples? 

how to get back in shape
how to get back in shape

Avoid empty-calorie foods that have little or low nutrient value, like candy, chips, burgers, cookies, or biscuits. Empty-calorie foods are those foods that don’t give any nutrient benefit to your body. These foods only fill the stomach and suppress your appetite in a negative way. And definitely, you are unable to eat healthy foods and meals due to eating lots of empty calories, so if you want to grab back your slim figure fast, then you must stay away from unhealthy food options.

Choose Your Food Wisely For A Healthy Weight

how to get back in shape
how to get back in shape

Include Non-starchy carbohydrates like amaranth,  Artichoke, Asparagus, baby corn, bamboo shoots, beans, sprouts, broccoli, mushrooms, celery, etc. Fill your appetite and do not boost the insulin.

Protein, fiber & healthy fat give health benefits beyond just giving energy. In your fat loss journey, always focus on eating healthily and avoid rich sugar & fat products that spike insulin and instantly boost energy.

Include salad in your diet, salad holds lots of minerals & vitamins and sure lots of fiber, so don’t skip the salad. It feels your appetite and improves your digestion. 


Always prefer fresh vegetables & food, if you are using canned & frozen vegetables, always be sure to drain them in water for some time to reduce the sodium content of canned food. 

Don’t Skip Breakfast To Getting Back In Shape

how to get back in shape
how to get back in shape

Most people in a hurry in the morning skip their breakfast or eat very less. It creates an unusual situation and affects your metabolism. A healthy and balanced breakfast helps in providing energy throughout the day. It improves your metabolism and your body’s shape. You need to focus on a protein-rich breakfast and include protein-rich foods according to your choice whether you are vegetarian or a meat lover.

Count Your Calories & Eat Within A Limit To Getting Back In Shape

how to get back in shape
how to get back in shape


Calories are the most important part of your fat loss journey, just download the famous calorie counting app on your smartphone and whenever you eat or drink anything, just add to the app and keep track of what you eat throughout the day. Calorie-tracking apps are a great idea for tracking your calorie count throughout the day.

After a few weeks, you’ll be able to easily identify the calories in each bite of any food by regularly updating the information in the app, and you’ll no longer rely on the app. Just try it for a few weeks and learn more about your food.

Workout Regularly To Getting Back In Shape

how to start exercising when you're out of shape
how to start exercising when you’re out of shape

Do regular exercise! A correct diet plus regular exercise gets fast results and you easily get in shape.

Start with simple and easy exercise like walking, Jogging, or playing with your pet in your free time. After a few days, when your body adapts to the changing lifestyle, go for strength-building exercise and start bodyweight exercise.

How To Start Exercising When You’re Out of Shape

In the beginning, Just give only 10 minutes to maintain consistency in your workout.

  • Start your day with “Drink a glass of water”.
  • Stretch yourself, Do “Sun Salutation
  • Do “Jumping Jack” for “1 minute”
  • Do “Lunges” for “1 minute”
  • Do “Squats” for “1 minute”
  • Do “Burpee” for “1 minute”
  • Do “Pushups” Just 10 or as you can initially, you can do wall pushups.


For beginners, you need to give at least 10 minutes to your body. As soon as your body adapts to the changes, you need to increase the intensity of your workout. Just exercise till you breathe.

Wrap It Up

So always make sure that you eat healthy food in a limited amount and exercise regularly to start getting back in shape. Just count your calories and strike a perfect balance between your diet and workout. Improve your metabolism to get a healthy physique naturally. Above all the points have surely cleared your doubt about how to get back in shape.  To grab results you should need to consistently follow all the points. Stay motivated towards your fitness goals and make your willpower strong to stick with your plans. 


Sources: NHS.UK, Verywellfit, houstonmethodist

Do regular exercise

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