Vaseline And Plastic Wrap On Stomach: Does It Really Work

If you want to lose some belly inches overnight and want to try vaseline and plastic wrap on stomach, then you need to follow some precautions to avoid any side effects from trying these crazy tricks to lose belly fat overnight.

Quick and Crazy Trick to Get a Flat Stomach Overnight

Vaseline and plastic wrap on stomach
vaseline and plastic wrap on stomach

Yes, most people try this quick method to reduce belly fat overnight. And definitely, it also helps people reduce their belly size due to sweating a lot and reducing water weight around the belly area.

If you have very little time left for the upcoming party or want to look good in your new dress, then you should definitely try this weird kind of trick to lose some water weight around your belly.

The saggy belly, of course, does not look good and also reduces your confidence while you gather at a party. Before trying it, you should drink lots of water to hydrate yourself because it causes your body to lose water and dehydrate you. Let’s know how to do it safely.

Vaseline and Plastic Wrap on Stomach: How It Works

Always prefer good-quality vaseline and clean plastic wrap to try this trick. If you don’t maintain hygiene, it can cause skin irritation.

This trick works on a simple ideology: create more heat around the belly area and generate more sweating to reduce water weight. But some people think it also burns belly fat, which is totally a myth.

To melt fat, you need to work hard and work on your metabolism, and that is a long process to get in shape. This is one of the main reasons people always run towards quick and easy methods that help them lose weight, no matter if the method is healthy or not.

So before trying out this kind of weird trick, you need to know what side effects you can expect.

Vaseline and Plastic Wrap on Stomach: Side Effects

Wrapping your stomach can cause side effects if you do it at an extreme level. Here are some side effects you can get if you don’t follow the precautions:

  1. Dehydration
  2. Skin irritation
  3. Affect internal organs

So to avoid these kinds of health issues, you need to first drink enough water, only use good-quality vaseline, and not do it on an extreme level.

Vaseline and Plastic Wrap on Stomach Benefits

Yes, besides reducing body weight, body wraps also have other benefits for people.

  1. Tighten loose skin
  2. Lose excess water weight
  3. Help to reduce cellulite
  4. Moisturize skin

But don’t think that these benefits are permanent; these are also temporary effects of body wrap.

Vaseline and Plastic Wrap on Stomach Overnight

Vaseline and plastic wrap on the stomach overnight definitely help people get rid of excess water weight. It doesn’t mean you do it every day and forget about a healthy lifestyle and diet.

Wrapping the stomach for 20 minutes to 1 hour is enough to lose water weight. But don’t try to sleep with a body wrap; it can disturb your sleep as well as create unnecessary pressure on the stomach area.

Sleeping with a body wrap is not a good idea; your body loses water, and chances are high that you get dehydrated in sleep, which puts your health in danger.

Vaseline and Plastic Wrap on Stomach for Weight Loss

When you lose weight, you lose water. Yes, definitely. Body wraps help you lose water weight. But it is totally a temporary effect; when you hydrate yourself, the water weight will come back.

For healthy weight loss, this is not a good method. Yes, of course, you get a flat stomach, especially if you are not obese or overweight. This trick only works for those who have a saggy stomach and want to look good in their favorite dress.

Vicks and Plastic Wrap on Stomach

Some people also try this trick with Vicks and feel a burning sensation around their belly area. Here the same ideology works: creating heat and reducing lots of water weight. Yes, definitely, Vicks holds some healing properties. That helps relieve muscle pain but doesn’t help burn belly fat.

What Can I Put on My Stomach To Burn Fat?

This is one of the craziest questions people ask their gym trainer or physician and also search for on Google. First, you need to understand that burning belly fat takes time and requires consistency to follow a healthy and active lifestyle.

And second, you must understand that there is no magic cream or gel that helps people burn belly fat. Even some people try DMSO to reduce puffiness on their bodies, but you must understand that this is not an overnight process.

Final Thoughts

Vaseline and plastic wrap on the stomach are a temporary solution to a saggy belly. Don’t waste your time, energy, and money on these kinds of crazy tricks to lose weight. Instead of doing this, you must work on your lifestyle and your food choices to bring healthy changes into your body. With your consistency and efforts, you will see good results in a few weeks.


Does wrapping a plastic bag around your stomach work?

Yes, it works; you lose lots of water weight quickly. To avoid dehydration issues, always drink enough water.

How effective is wrapping your stomach?

To lose water weight around the belly area, it works but does not target the fat cells.

How do you make your stomach flat with plastic wraps?

Simply put some Vaseline on your stomach, wrap it up with plastic wrap, and wait for 1 hour; you will lose lots of water weight. It works only when you have a saggy belly.

How long do you have to keep a plastic wrap on your stomach?

To reduce a lot of water weight quickly, keep the plastic wrap around for 45 to 90 minutes. It will generate enough heat to produce lots of sweat.

Do regular exercise

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