How To Move Belly Fat To Buttocks Naturally – Get an Hourglass Shape

Are you not looking good in your favorite dress due to a saggy tummy and flat buttocks, and are you looking for how to move belly fat to buttocks naturally? Many women take advantage of cosmetic surgery to enhance their buttock size and grab an hourglass-like figure quickly. But if you have patience and willpower, then you can transform your physique naturally without any cosmetic surgery. Here we have discussed how to move belly fat to the buttocks naturally.

Desire for an Hourglass Figure

how to move belly fat to buttocks naturally
how to move belly fat to buttocks naturally

In the hourglass figure, women’s hips and bust are in the same proportion and squeeze the midsection. Famous hourglass celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce Knowles, and Kim Kardashian have inspired many women to look like them. If you also want to impress your partner by having an hourglass figure, then you need to follow some tips.

If you are searching for how to move belly fat to the buttocks naturally, then you are a little bit overweight or have a saggy belly that you want to trim down. So moving or transferring the fat is not possible, but you can melt it and build up buttock muscles with your consistency.

The curvy shape everyone appreciates, especially your loved one, is who you want to impress. You start looking more appealing in every dress, and you look more confident while walking in the crowd.

Natural ways work internally and start to transform your body from the inside out. Some girls are genetically blessed and have the perfect curvy figure, but some girls need to work hard to get that perfect curvy figure.

Can You Transfer Fat from Your Stomach to Your Buttocks?

Yes, it is possible through Brazilian butt-lift surgery. This is also a famous cosmetic surgery girls take to look more appealing overnight. But this is costly, and surely some have the danger of side effects like other surgeries

It is definitely a crazy idea to cut off some part of your body and place the cut part in some other part of your body. That sounds a little weird. If you have flat buttocks and some saggy belly and want to learn how to move belly fat to the buttocks naturally, then don’t worry; here are all the solutions for you.

So here, you should do something natural and safe. And natural methods take time but are effective and safe, and you also save lots of money. As well, your health will be thankful for it.

How Do You Lose Belly Fat and Gain Bum?

Naturally, we girls have a perfect curvy figure, but somehow, due to our busy schedules and bad eating habits, we lost our perfect figure. You can see around you that girls who do regular workouts and eat the right foods look gorgeous and attractive. They develop the right muscles in their buttocks and thighs that help them have the perfect hourglass figure. So you should pay attention to your healthy diet to burn visceral fat and do glute-focused workouts to achieve a shape like Kim Kardashian.

Can we build muscles and burn fat at the same time?

Some people confuse losing fat and building muscles as two different procedures, and both take their own time. The protein-rich diet and lifting weight help build muscle mass and help burn fat cells from the body. However, it takes time to really see the effects. If you want quick results, then you should combine cardio and strength training with a protein-rich diet and a calorie deficit. It helps you to see results in a few weeks. So here we are talking about the best method to move belly fat to buttocks naturally.

How To Move Belly Fat To Buttocks Naturally

how to move belly fat to buttocks naturally
how to move belly fat to buttocks naturally

Naturally, fat can’t transfer or move, but you can grab an hourglass figure by adopting some healthy habits in your daily life. You need to do two tasks: one is to reduce the fat cells, and the other is to firm the glute muscles.

Follow the below methods to make your physique more appealing and attractive.

To burn belly fat and build up muscles

  1. Do a slight calorie deficit (to burn visceral fat).
  2. Eat a protein-rich and balanced diet.
  3. Cardio: 30 minutes daily
  4. Resistance training and targeting glute muscles
  5. Message your body (especially the lower body).
  6. Good sleep and give proper rest to develop muscles.

Now you should understand each point in brief about how to move belly fat to the buttocks naturally.

Healthy and natural methods (Melt it and grow it)

melt your visceral fat and grow your glute muscles

Calorie Deficit or Intermittent Fasting

Now we are assuming you have lots of belly fat that you need to melt. That is why you have searched for how to move belly fat to buttocks naturally.

And the only way to naturally reduce belly fat is to adopt a calorie deficit diet. It means you need to eat slightly fewer calories than your body requires. First, you need to calculate your BMR (body metabolic rate). 

It helps you know how many calories your body needs and also tells you how many calories you should decrease to burn fat cells. However, some feel very frustrated with calculating the calories, so the best alternative is to do intermittent fasting once or twice a week. Intermittent fasting takes your body to a fat-burning zone; in this way, you achieve a weekly calorie deficit and burn fatty cells.

A Protein-Rich and Balanced Diet

On our path to fitness, diet is really important. Now surely you are not eating enough protein; that is the reason you are not seeing the results. As per the experts, our body needs protein of at least 1 gram per kg of body weight. And surely you are not eating enough protein. Protein builds more muscles and helps build lean muscles. And when your body builds more muscles, it burns more calories. With protein, you also need to eat a balanced diet. Means include healthy fats, fiber, vitamins, minerals, and carbohydrates in your diet. When you eat the right food, you feel internally happy, and your body gets more energy.

Cardiovascular Exercise 

To burn fat faster, you need to start doing cardiovascular workouts. A daily 30-minute cardio workout is good for targeting fat cells. If you exceed 45 minutes to 1 hour, you may face muscle loss. Running is one of the best cardiovascular workouts, as it works all the body parts and also improves your glutes. If you’re unable to go outside, jumping jacks, jumping rope, burpees, and mountain climbers are good workouts you can do anywhere.

Weight and resistance training

To gain healthy muscle mass, you need to start weight and resistance training. If you can join a gym, then it is a wonderful idea, but if you are unable to go out, then you can start with bodyweight exercises at home. Some girls don’t like weight training because they think that it will make their bodies bulky. But it is not true; weight training will make your body strong, and lean, and improve your shape.

The Best Workout To Develop Glute Muscles

how to move belly fat to buttocks naturally
  1. Sumo squats
  2. Bulgarian split squat
  3. Deadlift
  4. Single leg deadlift
  5. Glute bridge with some weight (dumble)
  6. Fire hydrant lifts
  7. Donkey kick
  8. Reverse lunge

First, learn these workouts perfectly and do them regularly. When you start to do this workout regularly, you will first notice that your jeans are going to be light-tight from the hip area, and you will also feel pain in your leg muscles the initial day. This is a sign you are growing your lower body muscles. Initially, the soreness of the muscles looks puffy and starts developing muscles with regular practice. With regular practice, your body gets in shape. You will get wider hips naturally.

Message Your Body

To relieve sore muscles quickly, massaging is a wonderful idea. Take any oil, but the best is almond oil, which helps to improve blood circulation and improve blood flow throughout the body. Messages daily make you more relaxed and calm, and you also get a sound sleep. You should also do butt massaging to increase the blood flow to a specific part and activate the glute muscles. That is the best way to increase buttocks naturally.

Sleep Well And Be Stress-Free

Sound sleep is crucial for your overall health and your physique. Give your body proper rest and stay stress-free to develop a healthy immune system, boost your metabolism, and stay energetic. Don’t compromise on your sleep quality because it hampers all your body activities and makes your body feel tired and dull. To burn visceral fat and grow glutes, you should get at least 6 to 8 hours of quality sleep. Our body needs a good rest to grow and perform better.

Stay Hydrated Throughout The Day

Drinking water not only helps with weight loss but also helps to stay energetic and active throughout the day. You should bring a water bottle with you wherever you go outside. Having a water bottle reminds you to drink more and more water. Drinking water throughout the day keeps you away from stomach issues and keeps you away from eating unhealthy foods.

Final Thoughts

To achieve a booty figure or hourglass physique, you need to be consistent in your workout schedule and stick to a balanced, healthy diet. Now your confusion has surely cleared it how to move belly fat to buttocks naturally. It takes time, and you need to wait for at least 4 to 5 weeks to see some changes in your physique. Some girls achieve faster and some take more time; it all depends on genetics, age, and some other factors. But you will surely get the result while following the above-mentioned methods and sticking with them for a longer time.

Do regular exercise

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